Jardim do Cerco

I must confess that moving to Mafra was not easy at first. Leaving all my friends behind was really hard. However, I couldn't be more happy. I made new friends who are super funny and cool to hang out with. I feel so lucky that I found a group of friends with who I can really relate and build a friendship. Obviously I will never forget my friends back home and they still visit me quite often. Since I moved, I've been discovering this amazing town...here are some pictures.


Trust me, this is perfection #1

What KIKO MILANO says about the product?

Kiko defines the "Energy mask" as a black detoxifying energizing mask that helps free the skin from pollution residues and impurities. 

According to Kiko, this mask is ideal for all skin types (which is awesome!!). The grain of the skin is smoothed and refined, and the face looks radiant and relaxed.